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Perpetually Stalled

forgetting what you said, despite wanting to remember it

13 March 1977
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I do reviews on this journal. Well, sometimes I write things about myself, but I also do reviews.

I’ll try to be fair and open-minded, but sometimes I’ll be cruel and mean-spirited. I’ll try to be cool and collected, but sometimes I’ll be brash and uncouth. I’ll try to write reviews, but sometimes I’ll just write opinions.

So if you have a problem with any of that, then go somewhere else.

Here’s how the reviews work:

The Blue Rhino Review – strictly comic books, strictly hip

The Green Rhino Review – mostly movies I don’t like

The Orange Rhino Review – a lot of books, a lot of which I’m indifferent about

The Red Rhino Review – some music I like, speckled with some music I don’t (I’m looking at you, R.Kelly)

The Yellow Rhino Review – television with a little less reality, a lot more cops and too much disappointment

There may be more reviews added later. Suggestions are welcome. You’ll know what kind of review you’re reading by either A) referencing this guide to my reviews or B) just reading the damn review. It’s not rocket science.

And if you’re trying to figure out the meanings behind the colors of each review, don’t. I’m not artsy or poetic. There’s no deeper meaning here. I just randomly chose some colors, on the fly. Or did I…

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